Last updated 05/31/2005

Thumper Turbo 4th Gen.


A few pictures of the completed intercooler relocation, minitubs, etc.

Intercooler/Minitub (4/05)


A couple pictures of the intercooler relocation and Neal Chance converter cleanout..

Intercooler (4/05)


Minitub Pictures

Minitubs (3/05)


Thunder Shootout Pics, nothing too cool- we had nothing but problems. Wheelstands to wheelspin, we tried it all.

Thunder Racingís Southern Shootout 2004

Some Hi Resolution pics taken after a lot of transmission and intercooler problems

Hi Res Pics taken on 10/15/2004


We scrambled and got the car done for the race in Morrocco, IN but we broke the transmission right off the bat. 1700 miles for nothing..

Car is finished!! 6/17/04

The rest of the piping and elbows showed up along with the 4" silicone connectors and t-bolt clamps... A couple hours and a 12-pack and we had all the piping ran... We must be good..

Finished intercooler install. 03/12/04

The new 94mm turbo showed up today, itís fairly big. It dwarfs the large frame 88mm turbo that we mocked up with. As soon as I can find some silicone connectors I will finish the mockup and tear it back down to have everything coated.

94mm Turbo. 03/09/04


The big plan was to mount the intercooler under the dash, after pulling the dash out and doing a little measuring it became painfully obvious that "this ainít happenin".. We decided to mount it behind the passenger seat because retaining 2 seats is mandatory for a street car ;o)

Intercooler Installation 03/01/04

There will be many, many updates. Keep an eye on this page for latest breaking news on the thumper turbo 4th gen.

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